About Us

There's always a dessert that brings people together.  That is Grace's Carrot Cake- a family favorite dessert that is always in high demand and the topic of many excitable conversations!  It was only a matter of time until Grace brought her dessert to families, nationwide!

Inspired by spices discovered from her frequent travel to Zanzibar, Chef Grace incorporates a unique blend of organic spices- including cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and nutmeg into this dessert .   Our brown sugar and organic carrot- based batter includes a triage of nuts, coconut and fruit that balance out this rich cake, making it a decadent treat for all to enjoy.

We take pride in using the best quality ingredients in creating amazing treats for your family.  We hope you give us a try!

-Grace's Carrot Cake


About Chef Grace

Chef Grace has been passionate about bringing good food to people for over a decade.  If she doesn't love it, she doesn't serve it.  As Chef of Dining With Grace Catering, she enjoys creating delicious Afro-Caribbean meals for special events, for all to enjoy.   To learn more about Chef Grace, please visit www.diningwithgrace.com